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Casal Aluminium is able to offer aluminium profiles machined according to the customer’s wishes and provide the customer with various surface finishes.

Thanks to its experience, it can machine its own aluminium extruded profiles to improve material properties and aesthetics. This means that the needs of any customer can be met.

Oxidation of aluminium profiles (QUALANOD)

Oxidation is an electrochemical process that forms a thin layer of aluminium oxide on the surface necessary to improve the aluminium profile properties.

This treatment protects the metal from weathering and improves corrosion resistance, increases the surface hardness of the material and enhances wear and abrasion resistance.

This process can be done in different colours including silver, gold and black.

Painting aluminium profiles (QUALICOAT - SEASIDE)

The colouring of aluminium profiles is done by powder coating. This type of treatment allows the colour to adhere to the metal thanks to an electrostatic charge.

As a result, the paint, which is available in various RAL colours but also in customised colours, adheres better and more evenly to the profile, ensuring a longer service life.

This can be done in different colours but also different finishes: glossy, semi-gloss or matt.

It is also possible to give a wood effect to the aluminium profile by means of a sublimation process. This process consists of an initial painting, drying in an oven and the final application of an adhesive to achieve the realistic effect of wood.

(Micro) shot peening aluminium profiles

(Micro) shot peening is a necessary process for preparing the aluminium profile for painting, but not only.

Thanks to this process, the metal can be polished to remove all impurities and marks but also increase hardness.

This process consists of sandblasting the aluminium profile, which will then be smooth to the touch.

Screen printing aluminium profiles

It is often necessary to affix one’s own brand, serial number or other special wording to the aluminium profile.

To do this, screen printing on aluminium is used, which, thanks to ink printing or engraving, can write and draw whatever is desired on the extruded aluminium profile.

Protective coating of aluminium profiles

Extruded profiles with surface treatments require protection during storage and transport to prevent damage to the finish.

For this reason, a protective film is applied to all aluminium profiles to prevent marks caused by rubbing during movement and assembly.

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