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One of the services Casal Aluminium offers its customers is aluminium profile rolling. The latter is an industrial process that allows this metal alloy to be moulded using specific machinery that, in jargon, is known as a rolling machine.

This type of technique is mainly used in the metalworking industry to produce decorative and structural aluminium elements such as door and window profiles, guides and more.

Below, we will see what this service offered by Casal Aluminium specifically consists of and what its main features are.

Profile rolling: what are the features of this process offered by Casal Aluminium?

The rolling process for aluminium profiles involves precise steps. One of these is the insertion of the metal alloy, in the form of coils or bars, into the rolling machine. This machine compresses and shapes aluminium by means of pressure from special rotating rollers.

The latter can be of various shapes and change according to the type of profile desired. In addition, these rollers can be adjusted to give the final product the specific technical characteristics required by the customer. While the aluminium profiles are being rolled, the product can be given a precise finish (matt or glossy). Again, the end result depends on the type of roller used, but also on the subsequent machining (which may be sandblasting or chemical machining).

Thanks to this type of intervention, the customer can have a customised end product that can be adapted to specific applications or uses.

Obviously, in order to be able to carry out such a complex process as profile rolling, one needs to possess advanced skills and technical knowledge, and it is necessary to use very precise machinery in order to ensure a quality end result. That’s why you have to rely on companies with long experience in this field that have a qualified team and advanced tools such as Casal Aluminium.

What advantages does the rolling process offer?

Relying on Casal Aluminium’s profile rolling service offers several benefits. First of all, this type of processing ensures greater wear resistance of the aluminium products being created. This results in a profile that is more resistant to wear and external stress.

In addition, aluminium profile rolling allows very tight tolerances and precise dimensions to be achieved. Finally, this type of processing allows the creation of products with different shapes and sizes, thus offering customers greater design flexibility. Yet a further advantage relates to machining time: rolling eliminates additional machining steps, thus reducing overall production times.

Why you should choose Casal Aluminium for your aluminium profile rolling service: here are the main reasons

Casal Aluminium has been a leader in aluminium machining for years, thanks to the great expertise of its staff and the use of technologically advanced and innovative systems. The company also places great emphasis on the profile rolling service, which requires great precision and advanced knowledge.

Yet there are also other reasons for relying on this company for aluminium profile rolling. The company, in fact, offers the possibility to customise products and guarantees a tailor-made service to meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring innovative solutions.

Casal Aluminium’s care and attention to every detail ensures the production of high quality profiles that stand the test of time. In addition to these features, the company is distinguished by its reliability and punctuality, thanks to its commitment to on-time delivery. The staff, in fact, care a great deal about respecting the needs of their customers.

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