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Machining is one of the most important processes in industry, as it allows parts of various shapes and sizes to be produced simply from a raw material such as aluminium, for example.

This is the example of Casal Aluminium, which uses this light and strong substrate to guarantee a high-quality machining service, leading to the production of products that can be used by customers in various sectors such as electronics, automotive, furniture and aerospace

The quality of aluminium as a processing material

Aluminium is one of the most versatile and easy-to-process materials due to its specific characteristics. These include corrosion resistance, lightness and excellent thermal conductivity.

These factors make aluminium suitable for undergoing milling, turning, drilling and grinding operations, all of which are mechanical removal operations that allow the desired shape to be obtained. Casal Aluminium therefore offers the removal of excess material and the production of high-precision parts with a smooth, even surface.

Mechanical removal and creation of shavings

During mechanical machining, Casal Aluminium uses advanced, state-of-the-art tools that cut the material, generating aluminium shavings.

The latter represents a waste product of the machining process and can take various shapes and sizes, which change depending on the mechanical operation performed and the alloy used. Afterwards, the shavings are collected and disposed of properly, so as to avoid generating serious environmental damage.

In this respect, Casal Aluminium complies with the UNI EN 22768-1 M standard. But what does this standard stipulate? In simple terms, it serves to establish the dimensional and geometric tolerances that can be generated during machining by removal and includes the area of aluminium shavings.

The company is well aware of the importance of this regulation and complies with it in order to assure its customers of the quality and precision of the various parts that are produced during machining. This attention prevents defects and functionality problems from arising.

Made-to-measure cuts: what is it all about?

Among the removal machining operations guaranteed by Casal Aluminium are customised cuts. It is a method that allows the production of aluminium parts of specific dimensions, so that the customer’s design requirements are met to the letter.

Through this type of intervention, surplus material can be eliminated and Casal Aluminium uses innovative, state-of-the-art mechanical tools to achieve this quality.

Precision Machining: Threading

Threading is one of the advanced services that Casal Aluminium offers. It is mainly used to create threaded profiles on aluminium parts. Thanks to these systems, several parts can be assembled using screws and bolts.

This process requires the utmost professionalism and expertise, as well as high precision. Such care ensures maximum adhesion between the components and increased mechanical strength of the aluminium elements.

Casal Aluminium’s drilling operations

Drilling, on the other hand, is useful when you want to create holes of various shapes and sizes on aluminium parts. This type of mechanical intervention facilitates the passage of pins, screws and other mechanical components. To achieve this, Casal Aluminium uses numerically controlled machines, which guarantee maximum uniformity and precision of the holes.

Milling: what does it consist of?

Finally, we have milling, which allows the creation of grooves, three-dimensional surfaces and recesses on aluminium components. This allows the creation of richly detailed and particularly complex shapes.

The milling machines used by the company are of the latest generation and ensure a high-precision end result and very fast processing times.

Casal Aluminium’s machining operations are therefore essential for all companies that want to obtain high-quality, customised aluminium components.

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