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Extruded aluminium is one of the preferred materials in construction due to a combination of versatility and strength.

Used for various purposes, it provides a modern look and elegant design wherever it is used.

Among the various uses in construction are:


All modern skyscrapers use aluminium profiles to give them a design touch.

Thanks to endless customizations, aluminium façades of totally different shapes and colours can be created, thus making each building unique and always ensuring excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.


Today, most of the window and door frames in our homes are made of this material.

Aluminium profiles for doors and windows guarantee low weight but high strength and resistance to corrosion. In this way, the maintenance of aluminium window and door frames will require little effort and our aluminium windows and doors will last for decades while remaining beautiful and functional.

Thanks to aluminium’s malleability and ease of customization, windows and doors can always be different in terms of size, colour and finish to meet any architectural need.


Due to its ease of processing and low costaluminium profiles are often used for the production of lightweight yet solid work tools.

Ideal for laddersscaffolding and work tools, the aluminium profiles ensure low weight and thus easier transport and handling.

In conclusion, extruded aluminium is an indispensable product in the field of all-round construction, from the smallest and simplest uses such as aluminium work tools to larger and more complex ones such as entire buildings.

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