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One of the most important processes for Casal Aluminium is machining. Thanks to this type of physical manipulation of aluminium, products with special shapes, dimensions or surfaces can be produced.

Let us therefore see what machining operations Casal Aluminium offers its customers.

An important premise: the advantage of using aluminium

Before analysing the different machining operations offered by Casal Aluminium, it is essential to understand why aluminium is one of the most advantageous materials in industry and construction.

This metal alloy is distinguished by its lightness, ductility and strength. This potential is best exploited through precise machining, a field in which Casal Aluminium has been a leader for years.

By means of these processes, it is able to shape and machine aluminium very precisely and efficiently.

What does bending consist of? Here are the details about it

One of the machining processes offered by Casal Aluminium is bending. This is one of the most common processes when working with aluminium.

Thanks to the use of specific, state-of-the-art machinery, this material can be bent without affecting its mechanical or physical properties. Such machining is indispensable when components and structures need to take on particular shapes and specific bending radii.

The high quality results achieved by Casal Aluminium in this field are due to the expertise of highly qualified staff and the use of innovative machinery, elements that guarantee the customer high quality bending and extreme precision.

Tumbling: the characteristics of this type of machining

Another machining operation where Casal Aluminium shows great expertise is tumbling. The latter represents one of the most important steps when it comes to aluminium machining.

This process, in fact, consists of removing a certain amount of material from the surfaces in order to obtain, as an end result, particularly smooth and precise finishes.

Tumbling is most useful when one needs to remove imperfections or burrs, so that the aesthetic appearance of aluminium components can be improved, as well as their functionality.

Again, Casal Aluminium uses advanced and innovative systems to achieve the best results in this area.

A fundamental mechanical machining of aluminium: shearing

When speaking of aluminium machining, one cannot fail to mention shearing, another service that Casal Aluminium has been offering its customers for years.

Yet what does this type of process consist of? Basically, this is the process of drilling holes of various sizes and shapes using a punch.

Shearing is used in cases of large volumes where the use of other techniques would entail greater time and costs.

Typically, shearing is used to make aluminium structures and products that must have clean and accurate cuts. Moreover, this technique also has the advantage that the quality and strength of the raw material itself is not compromised.

Thanks to the advanced software Casal Aluminium has at its disposal, the shearing results are of superior quality and comply with the technical specifications required by various customers.

What are 5-axis CNC machining centres

The cutting edge of aluminium machining is the 5-axis CNC machining centres. These are extremely high-precision machines, which enable the creation of particularly complex and detailed components. All with extreme precision and repeatability.

CNC technology allows each individual movement of the machine to be programmed, ensuring high quality results and flawless finishes.

Casal Aluminium has many years of experience with the latest generation of CNC machining centres.

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