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Discover our Square Bars

Square Bars

One of the products Casal Aluminium has specialised in over the years consists of aluminium square bars, a particular type of metal profile that is used extensively to create light and strong structures in a variety of sectors.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of these aluminium extrusions, the advantages they offer and the most common areas of application.

Square bars from Casal Aluminium: wide choice and quality

Casal Aluminium’s square bars are distinguished by their quality and durability. These are standard aluminium extrusions, which can be produced in various sizes and with different weights.

Thanks to the experience accumulated over the years in this field, Casal Aluminium is able to meet the different needs of its customers by supplying aluminium square bars with specific characteristics. Specialised technicians are able to provide customers with every detail regarding the dimensional parameters they can choose from.

Of course, those requiring special formats will necessarily have to consult the company’s technical department for professional technical advice.

The characteristics of aluminium square bars: here are all the details

Aluminium square bars are manufactured by the extrusion process of this alloy, which is characterised by its light weight, corrosion resistance and 100% recyclability. Among other things, aluminium from a recycling process has the same qualities as the aluminium from primary smelting. This means that it can be used in any type of consumer product.

The special feature of these supports is their square cross-section, which makes them perfect for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing structures. 

The main advantages of aluminium square bars

Aluminium square bars have several benefits. One of the most noteworthy is, without a doubt, the lightness of these supports, which are easily transportable and simple to install, whatever type of structure is to be built.

In addition, the resistance of this metal alloy to corrosion, weathering and rust ensures a long service life. Added to these benefits are the customisation possibilities that characterise aluminium square bars. This allows tailor-made solutions for each specific need.

What sectors use aluminium square bars the most?

Due to their specific characteristics and the advantages they offer, aluminium square bars find application in many sectors. These include, without doubt, the automotive and shipbuilding industries.

In each of these areas, square bars allow for a variety of works. As far as the automotive and shipbuilding industries are concerned, these supports are in great demand for the creation of light and strong structures.

Aluminium square bars, therefore, guarantee a long service life and, despite their lightness, allow them to support fairly high weights, resisting the wear and tear that comes with daily use.

In this regard, it should be noted that these aluminium extrusions do not require any specific maintenance. Given their resistance to corrosion, they ensure a flawless appearance even after several years.



Square Bars 5x5 0,0675
Square Bars 6x6 0,0972
Square Bars 7x7 0,1323
Square Bars 8x8 0,1728
Square Bars 10x10 0,270
Square Bars 12x12 0,389
Square Bars 15x15 0,606
Square Bars 20x20 1,079
Square Bars 25x25 1,686
Square Bars 30x30 2,429
Square Bars 35x35 3,307
Square Bars 40x40 4,320
Square Bars 45x45 5,466
Square Bars 50x50 6,750
Square Bars 55x55 8,166
Square Bars 60x60 9,719
Square Bars 65x65 11,406
Square Bars 70x70 13,229
Square Bars 75x75 15,186
Square Bars 80x80 17,279
Square Bars 85x85 19,506
Square Bars 90x90 21,869
Square Bars 100x100 26,999
Square Bars 120x120 38,900
Square Bars 125x125 42,200
Square Bars 130x130 45,600
Square Bars 140x140 52,920
Square Bars 150x150 60,740
Square Bars 152x152 62,350
Square Bars 155x155 64,860
Square Bars 160x160 69,200
Square Bars 165x165 76,500
Square Bars 170x170 78,020
Square Bars 180x180 87,500
Square Bars 185x185 92,405
Square Bars 190x190 97,500
Square Bars 200x200 108,000
Square Bars 210x210 119,500
Square Bars 220x220 130,700
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