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Design Profiles

Extruded aluminium profiles are used in many fields ranging from construction to household appliances, which is why standard aluminium extrusions cannot always be used.

A wide range of uses require the production of aluminium alloy profiles to drawing. Household appliance components, renewable energy plants and many other cases need customised aluminium profiles that the standard aluminium profile market cannot offer.

This is why Casal is structured to meet the most particular requirements and extrude aluminium profiles as per drawings.

Extruded aluminium profiles as per drawings

Casal can supply aluminium extrusions from 0.6 mm thickness with a weight ranging from 30 g/mt up to 340 kg/mt and a maximum length of 27 m. In the case of round bars or tubes, the diameter can be a minimum of 6 mm up to a maximum of 550 mm while respecting the weights and lengths expressed above.

With this great flexibility Casal is able to fulfil the most particular requests. With a team that can advise the customer, they have the skills to design and create the best solution for using an aluminium profile.

All know-how in aluminium profile design and manufacture is put at the customer’s disposal to guide him to the most suitable customised product for him and his requirements.

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