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Discover our drawn tubes

Drawn Tubes

One of the flagships of Casal Aluminium‘s catalogue are drawn aluminium tubes, which are crucial components in many industrial sectors. This is due to the characteristics of these products, which offer several advantages over other materials.

In the following, therefore, we will take a closer look at the special features of drawn tubes and the benefits they offer.

Metal drawing: what it is

Before analysing the characteristics of drawn tubes in detail, let’s find out about the features of this type of processing. Drawing, in fact, is nothing more than a process of plastic deformation of metals. Thanks to this technique, therefore, the shape of a metal alloy, such as aluminium, can be changed by passing a die or a hole through the section with the smallest dimensions and tightest tolerances.

This process is based on two main factors. One is tensile strength, while the other is ductility. Both cause the material to undergo deformation and stretch inside the die, until the desired shape is achieved.

With specific regard to metals, drawing takes place cold, i.e. at room temperature. This is followed by a process where the material is work-hardened to improve its mechanical and physical characteristics.

Main features of drawn aluminium tubes

Casal Aluminium’s drawn aluminium tubes are produced through a cold extrusion process that ensures high dimensional accuracy as well as a uniform surface.

This processing ensures that the tubes are characterised by a high mechanical strength, which is significantly higher than that of standard extruded tubes. These peculiarities give drawn aluminium tubes the ability to withstand higher loads and ensure greater durability.

In addition, this type of tube is also known for its great resistance to corrosion, wear and thermal stress, all of which make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

The most important benefits of drawn aluminium tubes

There are many advantages of drawn aluminium tubes over those made from other types of materials. One of these is lightness, which makes these supports perfect for applications where you need to lower the total weight without sacrificing structural strength.

Another noteworthy benefit is the ductility of aluminium, which makes it possible to create drawn tubes with customised dimensions and shapes, so that they can be easily adapted to any type of project, meeting specific needs.

Finally, three crucial advantages should not be overlooked when it comes to drawn aluminium tubes: strength, ease of processing and increased hardness.

Drawn aluminium tubes: the advantage of relying on the professionalism and expertise of Casal Aluminium

Casal Aluminium also deals in the marketing of drawn aluminium tubes, both in standard sizes and customisable to the needs of private individuals or companies.

The company has always distinguished itself in the field of wire-drawing, thanks to its ability to ensure its customers the best dimensional and technical parameters on the market. Casal Aluminium is also able to offer very thin or small drawn products, and this is made possible by an extrusion process followed by a drawing process. These tubes can then be used in various sectors and technical areas.

Those in search of drawn aluminium tubes, therefore, have no choice but to rely on the wide selection of Casal Aluminium’s catalogue, which is able to meet every specific requirement by creating tailor-made and customised products from scratch. The main benefits the company offers in this area are:

– production of drawn tubes with the best technical characteristics on the market;
– possibility of requesting advice from a specialised team;
– opportunities to design and order customised products;
– rapid production and delivery of the required goods.


Tabella delle Misure

Codice BXH (mm) Peso (gr/ml)
4115 15 606
4120 20 1079
4125 25 1686
4130 30 2429
4135 35 3307
4140 40 4320
4145 45 5466
4150 50 6750
4155 55 8166
4160 60 9719
4165 65 11406
4170 70 13229
4175 75 15186
4180 80 17279
4185 85 19506
4190 90 21869
41100 100 26999
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